BarkBox is a subscription-based online service the members of which receive monthly presents for their dogs. These can be hygiene products, all-natural treats, and toys. The company is based out of New York, New York. The service is designed for dogs of all sizes, including medium-sized adults, puppies, or even large breeds including Great Danes. BarkBox crafts each of the monthly boxes depending on your dog's size and breed... read more

Atomic Lighter

Atomic Lighter is a tactical rechargeable lighter that claims to use plasma arc technology to create fire quickly, without butane or gas. There is limited information about the company behind the item but t is probably located somewhere in the USA. It is called Bulbhead (aka Telebrands). There is an official website that tells us some information about this fuel-free rechargeable lighter. It is promised to be able to work anywhere... read more

CopperFit Replenish

The CopperFit Replenish is recovery sleepwear line that features a non-binding, tag-free, four-way stretch design. All of the items intend to provide you with comfortable sleep. There are pants and shirts of different sizes available for both men and women (two sizes for women and three for men). Finally, both the shirts and pants come in two colors, black and heather gray. Like other products from CopperFit... read more


Eznet is a tool that is claimed to help you clean your hairbrush from gathered hair in just a few seconds, no matter what size and shape your brush has. The product is claimed to work on all brushes, including square ones, round ones, short-handled ones, soft-bristled ones, and even ones meant for pets. It doesn't matter what hair type you have. This compact product in the shape of a net will get it out of your brush any way... read more


TradeKing is an independent online broker that has been in business for more than ten years. In April 2016 it was acquired by Ally Financial for $275 million. At present the company continues to operate as a standalone brand underneath the Ally umbrella. It focuses on providing customers with discounted trades and a smooth process. In May TradeKing has changed its name to Ally Invest. Its brokerage accounts have been migrated to... read more

Upstart Loans

Modern science has developed significantly within the last several years bringing a number of beneficial computer algorithms to underwrite loans with bigger speed, greater accuracy, and for less money when compared to traditional methods. As a result, a lot of software-based lenders have entered the modern market, claiming to provide customers with all kinds of financial services from home loans to student loan refinancing... read more

USAA Mortgage

USAA Mortgage is a lending company that provides four home loan products for former and current military members and their families, including cadets or midshipmen and former spouses of USAA members. According to the official website of the company, their personnel will be always there to help you on every step of the process, including when you pre-qualify for a loan online. In fact, the USAA Mortgage lending process consists of the following steps... read more


WiseBanyan is a no-fee robo-advisor available for iOS and Android that increases your invested amount of money through a number of special mathematical equations (algorithms). The latter adjust your portfolio (mixture of bonds, stocks, cash, etc.) in an automatic way. People can put their funds in a personal investment account, Traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA retirement accounts. It is not a revolutionary concept; however, it is new and worth your attention... read more

Zero Card

Zero Card is a unique card with a tiered rewards structure. You are expected to receive the amount of cash back depending on how much you spend per year. There are four tiers. Carbon: 3% cash back (it is required to spend $100,000 annually), Magnesium: 2% cash back (it is required to spend $50,000 annually), Graphite: 1.5% cash back (it is required to spend $25,000 in annual spend required) and Quartz: 1% cash back (no minimum spend required)... read more


Intelius is a company that has been in business since 2003. It deals with interconnectivity of people all over the world and informing them of the important data about each other. The company is based in Bellvue, Washington. It can be found online too due to the professionally made official website. You can contact the company by phone or come to their central office physically. Intelius is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, so... read more


Today, shopping online has become a widely spread phenomenon, just like having business online. Tradesy is an online website that was specially created for people who need to buy or sell items. It helps user to clear out their closet and to acquire new items with shipping assistance and a streamlined sales process. This website is meant for professional sellers and beginners. It intends to connect regular folks to buy and sell stuff... read more


TruthFinder is a people search website that will help you to find any person in the USA and get immediate access to this individual's contact information, criminal records, background checks, and more. The website acquires this information by poring over hundreds of millions of social network data, public records, and multiple sources, including state, county, and federal databases. You can use the application on your tablet, mobile device, or computer... read more

Atomic Blade

The Atomic Blade is a shaving razor that features a multi-blade design found in many classic single blades available on the market. It bills itself as your grandfather's razor but it is improved in some features, namely, industrial look with black finish and texture, a utilitarian, and an extra-long handle. According to the product's creators, the Atomic Blade is an alternative to extremely expensive multi-blade razors that are also hard-to-clean... read more

Hurricane Fur Wizard

The Hurricane Fur Wizard is a lint brush that is claimed to help you clean almost anything twice as much in half the time. It features an extra-large, double-sided design and a self-cleaning base. According to the commercial, the brush works using numerous tiny bristles that grab any fuzz they meet on their way. You can dip the brush into its self-cleaning stand to clean well both sides when it is necessary. The procedure can be done in just one pass... read more

Pop Sockets

Pop Sockets are small contraptions that "pop" onto the back of your device such as a phone or a tablet. It is made from plastic and includes three parts: a decorative disc, a flexible stem device. It is unclear why the item was called a "socket". It would be better to call it something like GripSuckers, even though it doesn't have quite the same ring to it. PopSocket is meant to provide you with more hold while you are using your phone or tablet... read more

Wonder Arms

No matter how many hours you workout at the gym and what kinds of exercises you use to train every part of your body, you will still miss some areas. As a result, they will lack your attention and get flabby. Probably, one part of your body that often lacks attention is your arms, especially the underside part. If you are tired of fighting flabby arms, you may want to add Wonder Arms, a new product that claims to make your workout routine more effective... read more

Cardillo Weight Belts

Cardillo Weight Belts are advertised as double thick. Usually, a single thick belt is just 10mm thick, while a double thick is a 13mm belt. It is made from leather, including the inside layers. This is what gives the belt its support, because the thicker its leather the better and more supportive the belt is. However, this belt is more expensive than the others available on the market. Cheaper belts tend to layer up thin pieces to get the necessary thickness... read more


Voloom is a new hair volumizing iron that uses its patented plates with beveled platforms to create "pockets" with the purpose of raising and supporting the hair above. According to the manufacturer, this will help to create full, lush, natural volume in just a few minutes, with no need to use potentially damaging heavy gels, hairspray, or teasing. Unlike other heated hair tools, this iron should be applied only to the hair near the scalp, where natural oils are located... read more

Weider Home Gym

Weider Home Gym was created by Joe Weider, a 93-year old Canadian bodybuilder who also founded a fitness empire based on magazines with millions of readers in the country and abroad. He also possesses his own International Federation of Body Building, a line of at-home gym equipment and produces muscle-pumping pancakes. The Weider 2980 X Weight System is a part of this line. Since it is the most popular trainer from the collection, we will focus our attention on it today... read more

Power Cooker

The Power Cooker is a digital pressure cooker that promises to cook delicious food with only one button. The manufacturer calls it a "pot kitchen miracle", as it is expected to help you in preparing slow-cooked meals in a short period of time. This "As Seen on TV" product is claimed to assist you create wholesome meals up to 70% faster than conventional methods. Thus, you are expected to save your energy, time, and money. The Power Cooker has a commercial that promises cooking dishes in a few minutes only... read more

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is a card that offers you a number of benefits from the second you slide it into your wallet. At first you receive a sign-up bonus. The will continue enjoying perks as you earn bonus points on dining and travel expenses. And when you redeem your points, the card gives you flexibility when it comes to available options that can significantly boost the value of you card. All this is possible with an annual fee of less than $100. Let us take a closer... read more